Agave Hotels & Resorts memorandum

Agave Hotels & Resorts
2734 Desert Fauna Drive Las Vegas, NV 89100
To: HMD 395 Student (your name here), Chief Engineer From: Daniel D. McLean, Chief Operating Officer
Date: September, 2015
Welcome to the Agave Hotels and Resorts. We are delighted you have joined us at our Las Vegas property and are part of our family of hospitality properties. As I shared in our interview, we are hiring because of your expertise with preventive maintenance (PM) programs. As I explained, we feel our maintenance costs are inordinately high and a recent audit suggested a major factor in those costs was the absence of a preventive maintenance program. In 4 weeks I am presenting our Board of Directors with a proposed PM plan. In 3 weeks (Thursday, October 8) you will provide me with that proposal and it will include:
1. What is a preventive maintenance program?
a. Explain how the PM plan can change the way we do maintenance?
b. What are the key advantages of a PM system and how will it impact our bottom line?
2. What is require of us to implement a PM program? In other words, what do we need to do as a hotel to get our PM program started?
a. Where do you recommend we start? What is the most efficient, effective, and visible way to begin a PM program? Explain your reasoning.

HMD 395 – Writing Assignment – Memorandum
The Assignment:
The assignment is to respond to the included memorandum.
In this assignment you are serving as the Chief Engineer for a major property including 800 rooms in an 10 story hotel, a medium size conference center, a snack bar, full service restaurant, and bar, swimming pool, 18 hole golf course, and other amenities.


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