“Advertising and Promotion, An IMC Perspective”

Choose a print ad from the newspaper or a magazine and evaluate it using the various elements of the Communication Process Model presented in your “Advertising and Promotion, An IMC Perspective” textbook (Figure 4-1, Page 85).

Your analysis should address the following areas:
• A discussion of the source used in the advertisement and why s/he is or is not appropriate for the message
• The way in which the message is encoded, including the use of visual and verbal elements
• A discussion of the channel or medium in which the ad was placed, such as the particular newspaper or magazine, and why this publication was chosen by the advertiser
• The process by which the message might be received or decoded by the target audience. Choose one of the response hierarchy models highlighted in Chapter 4 of your textbook and discuss how the source and message might influence various stages of the model. What type of feedback might the advertiser use to evaluate the effectiveness of the message?
• What is your overall opinion of this ad from a marketing communications perspective? What changes, if any, would you recommend to improve the effective communication of the ad?

• Be between 2 and 3 pages in length (single spaced)
• Be 12 pt. body font; use headings for readability

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