Admission for DBA program

Our Management Faculty is being very particular in what they like to see in an
motivational essay. We need to make sure your essay covers all of the following
points. Your essay should be about 800 words.

1. Why do you want to study your DBA?
2. How are you will benefit from this program?
3. How your management/leadership work experience (consultant)has equipped you to
undertake Doctoral studies?
4. How are you going to be able to contribute to the classroom?
5. What areas of research do you foresee yourself researching during your
DBA program?

They are also placing lot of focus on the candidate understanding the nature of
Critical Action Learning (CAL). CAL is the backbone of our program and focuses
on solving real problems by taking action and then focusing on the results. Make
sure you essay answers the following questions:

6. That you understand the nature Critical Action Learning (maybe give you
interpretation on what your definition of CAL is)
7. How you are going to implement Critical Action Learning when you start
the program (discuss how you can use your work responsibilities/projects as an
environment to conduct CAL)

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