Administrative Theory in Higher Education

Administrative Theory in Higher Education

The purpose of this academic paper is to explore administrative theory and the impact your theorist has had on modern educational leadership and administration. Your paper should address the administrative theory your book introduced, OR another model that stems from the theory your book introduced OR a model/theory that is relevant to your line of study that we are not directly covering this semester.

If you are unsure if it is something you can/should cover, shoot me and email and we can discuss it.

Your paper should be an academic look at leadership and administration within an educational context. This means, your paper should include an introduction, a purpose, a comprehensive review of literature surrounding your topic, application within a modern/current institution (which should include a context of institution) and a look at how applying theory or a different theory of leadership or administration might solve short-comings within the context you looked at. Your paper should end with a conclusion and perhaps a call for research. Your paper should follow APA guidelines and include a myriad of academic sources.

My guess, is if you include all aspects outlined (which is recommended), your paper will be at least 10 pages long, probably longer. My expectation is that, as it is an academic paper and is following APA formatting, you should have title page, abstract, use proper heading/subheadings, page numeration and a reference page for cited works

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