What part of the Value Function is driven by organizational culture?

We’ve already looked at how organizational culture, and its requisite beliefs and personal value structures, forms a major part in how organizations set goals and how they think about risk to achieving them. So it ought to seem simple and straightforward to put all of that “touchy-feely” stuff behind us, and let the accountants and the Chief Financial Officer step forward, count the beans, and figure out the Return On Investment so that we can decide whether to invest in a new strategy or not.

Unfortunately… things aren’t that clear. Are they?

How do you explain this? Are the attempts to capture non-economic costs and benefits justifiable, or are they a waste of effort? Should intangibles be part of such decision processes? If they do, is that no longer being “analytical” in support of the decision?

Take a side on this issue; research it as you need to, so as to help you frame up and present your arguments. Be sure to post your initial thoughts on this, with supporting details, in the Discussion thread before the fourth night of the module week has come and gone.

And come in throughout the week to discuss, reply, contradict, or add value to the posts your classmates and instructor have made on this topic

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