• There are two options to choose from
• Option one: select two theories/therapies that are covered in the course
Write an essay comparing and contrasting them, focusing on similarities &/or differences & other points of interest.

Option 2: Select two of the therapies covered in the unit & compare & contrast how a therapist would treat someone with a particular chosen mental health problem or disorder using those two approaches.

• NB: Make sure that the focus on the essay is on the chosen therapies, & not on the mental health issue itself.
• Treat the two therapies separately, so as to show full understanding of both of the therapies.
• However, you might want to note whether a therapist would be likely to draw on both together, or whether the therapies would most likely be used separately or by different therapists.
Essay should include:
• Historical development (including key figures);
• Key concepts & assumptions;
• Therapeutic goals
• The therapeutic relationship;
• The therapist’s function and role;
• The main therapeutic techniques & procedures;
• The extent of the evidence-base (only briefly- approximately 3 sentences on each theory/therapy);
• Particular or potential strengths/ contributions & limitations of each.

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