We can work on Data-mining functions

Data-mining functions: Here are three examples of data mining applications. Match each application to one of the three data-mining functions. Then, for each particular application, elaborate potential variables (features/attributes), techniques (algorithms/models) and evaluation criteria. [15 points]A. A credit card company tries to distinguish fraud transactions from thousands of normal transactions.B. A supermarket analyzes customers’ transaction […]

We can work on The types of Alzheimer’s Disease

Describe (a) the types of Alzheimer’s Disease, their genetic underpinnings, the stages (andcharacteristics of each) in the progression of Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (2 marks); (b) the currentcomplexities in developing a drug for Alzheimer’s Disease, the progression of drug development forAlzheimer’s Disease, the current pharmaceutical options, and the current randomized clinical trials phase threetrials (2 […]

We can work on Music Psychology – Music Cognition / Music in Schools

Critically analyse research and theory in a particular area ofMusic Psychology that is interesting to you. You are required to review three research studies, describing theresearch method used and the findings. You should then critically appraise the approach taken by the authorsby considering why they used a particular method and comparing the findings with your […]

We can work on Original plot outline.

Instructions: With a partner, compose your own, original plot outline. Avoid going into deepbackground or descriptive passages; simply offer a sketch of the story. Focus on the points of thenarrative that are listed below, so you can get a clearer understanding of how the stages of plotwork. Turn in one paper for the group. Story […]

We can work on Accounting systems

Scenario and activity:You are a Management Accountant for a Large enterprise in the manufacturing sector in Qatar [organisation of your choice] and, in an effort to promote understanding between different departments in the organization during COVID19 Pandemic , you have been asked by your line manager to prepare a Report on the role and function […]

We can work on The article, Sarbanes-Oxley

Read the 2012 article Sarbanes-Oxley Has Failed to Address the Problem of Audit Firm Independence by Thomas M. Brehmer found at https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/sarbanes-oxle… Take a position – do you agree or disagree with the author. Why or why not? Support your position by reviewing, researching (and of course, citing) articles other than, or in addition to, […]

We can work on Improving Negotiation Skills

1 Discussion: Negotiations Analyze the following article: Improving Negotiation Skills: Rules for Master Negotiators. Describe a key point that stood out to you as a critical step you need to take in future negotiations. What is one area Improving Negotiation Skills: Rules for Master NegotiatorsThis article was edited and reviewed by FindLaw Attorney Writers | […]

We can work on Body horror films

Body horror films attack, damage, mutilate and/or destroy the human body. How is this treatment of the human body linked to effective responses such as disgust, humor, abjection, and/or excess? Discuss using three body horror films in detail. Sample Solution This page of the article has 2111 words. Download the full form above. The United […]

We can work on John Adams

Click here to watch an excerpt from the HBO series “John Adams”:Link(Links to an external site.) Once you have watched the excerpt and taken some notes on it, click on the words “Submit Assignment” that you’ll see on the right side of this page. Wait for the next page to appear. In the text box […]

We can work on Discussion paper about a fiction

Please read Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery online: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1948/06/26/the- lottery. Please discuss how the author employs a) foreshadowing, b) point of view and c) another narrative tool of your choosing (eg description, dialogue) to enhance the power of her narrative. Sample Solution A developing worry over symptoms of compound based items for upgrading ones’ magnificence has […]

We can work on Writing a poem

So the perspective of the writer is that they are writing a poem for a woman named Hannah, and they are trying to let them know that they really appreciate having them in their life.Some specific details about her so it isn’t generic:She is AsianShe really likes acai bowlsShe is in collegeShe likes Disneyland, Tesla, […]