We can work on You have been hired to create a mobile application for Healthy Life, a local organic bakery and grocery store. The owners want to offer a mobile application to customers that features recipes that contain ingredients that they sell in their store. Over the next few weeks, you will be developing, testing, and deploying the

You have been hired to create a mobile application for Healthy Life, a local organic bakery and grocery store. The owners want to offer a mobile application to customers that features recipes that contain ingredients that they sell in their store. Over the next few weeks, you will be developing, testing, and deploying the mobile […]

We can work on Artificial Intelligence to Automate Amateur and Home Video Editing

Using Artificial Intelligence to Automate Amateur and Home Video Editing Read more at: https://ukwritings.com/order?service_id=1&assignment_type_id=4&academic_level_id=6&urgency_type_id=2&words_num=8000¤cy=EUR Paper details: This is a MSc. level end of programme dissertation in Digital Media. Technical knowledge is required in this dissertation. The purpose is to make video editing as automated :and user friendly as possible. As videos will generate 80% of […]


This resume should be professionally DONE. Create a professional resume of 3 pages with the intent to turn in this resume to seek an employment in one of the Universities for a position of an Adjunct Professor to teach any business-related courses or Public Health related-courses. The name on the resume should be “John Doe” […]

We can work on Brown v. Board of Education (1954)

A landmark case, or landmark decision, is a court decision published by the 5j__ pi reme Court c.�r on some matter that is serious or important to a large number of people. A landmark case, once decided, shows the usual way in which the Court r’ will rule on such issues in the future, and […]

We can work on PMLC Methodology

Select a Project Management Lifecycle Methodology (PMLC)   Depending on their governing characteristics, differing projects require differing fundamental approaches during planning and execution. For this assignment you are to determine which PMLC Methodology best suits your project. Using the course materials from this unit as your guide, including the PMLC Summary document, determine which Project […]

We can work on What particular “ingredients” should be included in an ethics program in order to attract clients and the best employees?

Collapse            An organizational culture must be created where employees feel a personal commitment to contributing to the ethical behavior of their organization. A firm’s reputation depends on its ethical culture. Both clients and employees must want to be involved with this organization because they trust its reputation. They believe in this organization. Supporting […]

We can work on Tuberculosis evidence-based literature research.

Identify the most recent standards of care/treatment modalities from peer-reviewed articles and professional association guidelines (www.guideline.gov). These articles and guidelines can be referenced, but not directly copied into the clinical case presentation. Cite a minimum of three resources. Answer the following questions: What is the transmission and pathophysiology of TB? What are the clinical manifestations? […]

We can work on POM UNIT 7 HW ASSIGN

Research your present or past company’s view on corporate social responsibility. If you do not currently work for a company, pick a company that supports corporate social responsibility. Are there programs or initiatives in place to contribute to the community in some way? Review and describe these programs, and comment on their effectiveness to the […]

We can work on Vanda-Laye Corporation-Final Project

You are an economist for the Vanda-Laye Corporation, which produces  and distributes outdoor cooking supplies. The company has come under new  ownership and management and will be undergoing changes in its product  lines and operating structure. As an economist, your responsibilities  include examining the market factors that affect success or failure of a  product, including […]

We can work on UBI pilot program in the city of Stockton

Explain how this program can be viewed from the three sociological perspectives. Furthermore, describe how the potential solutions towards income inequality might be viewed politically with attention given to discussion for and against this program. Where will the political candidates stand by political party? What new problems might be created with this program? Give a […]

We can work on Discuss Confrontation And Negotiation.

Discuss confrontation and negotiation?       main post 300 words    Reply 150 words   with 2 APA references        Class mate post:   In every organization, there are different confrontations, and there must be a need to resolve the conflicts through negotiation techniques since negotiations and disputes have become the aspects […]

We can work on Descripitive statistics

A pediatrician at the Community Physicians Clinic told a mother that her six-month old child is in the 54th percentile in weight. This means that her child’s weight is greater than or equal to 54 percent of all six-month old children. True or false? 218 Use the information below to find your percentile. Your score […]

We can work on Business Plan Presentation

Brainstorm ideas for a new business you (or your team if you work  with other students–you may work in a team of maximum three people)  want to start in the future–it can be a physical product or a service,  but make sure your business is legit and ethical. Summarize your  business plan in either a […]

We can work on Authentic Research Portfolio

This assessment focuses on understanding and appreciation of Strategic Management Inputs. You are required to identify a corporation in the Agribusiness food related sector of Australia Sample Solution hands and cerebrums could have blunders and imperfections. Would it be able to be that a solitary screw was absent from that lawnmower why it was reviewed? […]

We can work on Error Analysis and Recommendations

Twenty-year-old student developed a right-sided pneumothorax while playing soccer. He had no prior remarkable medical history. A chest film confirmed a right lower-lobe pneumothorax. The doctor ordered a thoracotomy insertion tray as soon as the equipment was provided at the bedside, the nurse inserted the chest tube into Paul’s left side. As time was of […]

We can work on Military mental health issues

Write a Research Paper discussing an aspect of military mental health issu. (including spiritual factors) from the list below. Provide more than just a secular viewpoint or spiritual perspective. Balance the paper with both a biblical worldview and theoretical perspectives. Integrate them using journal articl. or book chapters on the topics as sourc.. Cite everything. […]

We can work on Merger and Acquisitions impacts

I am doing a Master’s thesis in M&A, and the theme is the following: Impacts of AB InBev M&A track record on value creation for shareholders and subsequent risks. In attach, I send you the proposal as well as another document with the table of content and the introduction with the aims and objectives. Additional, […]

We can work on Music appreciation

For this project, you’ll answer ten questions about composers from seven of the periods you studied throughout your course. You must select one composer from each of the fol- lowing periods to research: Medieval and Renaissance Periods n Francesco Landini n Thomas Weelkes n Tielman Susato The Baroque Era n Johann Pachelbel n Barbara Strozzi […]

We can work on Folio of Inquiry Activities

Educators can use different types of learning environments and resources to promote and support scientific learning and thinking. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to explore the learning potential offered by a range of different resources and environments. You are to develop a folio of six teaching and learning activities (250 words each) that […]