We can work on Microeconomics personal perspective

1)What you have learned about economics that you did not know before the class 2) has this cost change your perception of what you thought about economics 3) how has this cost contributed to your increased knowledge 4) how do you plan to continue to increase your knowledge of economics so that you are better […]

We can work on Internal Analysis

Description Continuation from my first post attached. Read professor feedback before completing this new assignment. Identify and explain to the class the core competencies of the firm where you are currently employed or a firm where you have been employed in the past. Also explain these competencies in light of those of the competition and […]

We can work on MILLEMIALS

uThe young generation according to the article Generation Uphill is made up of individuals aged between 15 and 30 years. uThis is a population of 1.8 billion out of the world’s total of 7 billion. uThe young people from different parts of the world are faced with different circumstances and are raised in different backgrounds. […]