Fishing and the tragedy of the commons custom essay

Overfishing causes a serious threat to many fisheries around the world. Explain why the problem arises and under which

circumstances fishing can be an example for the tragedy of the commons. Discuss potential solutions to this problem from
an economic perspective.
Write 23
pages (ca. 750 words [max. 800 words], excluding tables and figures). You may wish to give specific examples
from your studies. Feel free to use EBSCO, the web and other sources as you find them available. Do not forget to cite your
sources correctly.
The task will be assessed on language aspects, coherence, citing and referencing, and the content. Criteria: the paper
must have a purpose statement and an outline. It must be grammatically correct and coherent in its argumentation. It must
include at least 3 intext
citations, and at least 3 references. At least two of the sources should be academic, i.e. academic
journals, academic books, or institutional reports (e.g. OECD, IMF, World Bank, EU Commission).


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