1. Open a new Word document and name it as follows: YourFirstName_Your4DigitGUSTID_YT.doc.

2. Before you visit, visit sites about to learn more about this channel. In your own words (do not plagiarize) tell me about in 25-50 words (provide an explanation of what Youtube provides to consumers, how and why it’s important). Also explain why you think is important to marketers and business owners. (If you don’t think it’s important, it’s okay to say so, but you must explain why). You can provide the requested information in 2-3 paragraphs using complete sentences.

3. Next, tell me how and why marketers would utilize Give me three examples that demonstrate how/why marketers would use For each example, write 25 to 50 words.

4. Go to and search for videos by Seth Godin. You may want to look at his social networking or marketing videos in particular. Watch two Seth Godin videos of your choice (select two that last no longer than 3 minutes each). Copy the titles of the videos, and their respective URLs, into the Word document. After you watch each video, tell me one lesson that you learned from each video. You will include two lessons total (one lesson from each video). Each lesson requires 25 to 50 words of explanation.

5. Next, search for a topic of your choice. What’s your passion? Fashion? Cooking? Cars? Marketing? Find a video that appeals to your personal passion — regardless of what it is — and view it. Be sure the video is no more than 5 minutes long. Copy the title of the video and the URL and include them in the Word document (so that I can find the video). Watch the video. Then “review” the video — what did you think of it, good or bad (explain why), and explain how you would use the video as a marketer. Again, 25 to 50 words for this explanation.

6. Email your completed Word document.

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