written appraisal of a study of risk communication

written appraisal of a study of risk communication

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This assessment takes the form of written appraisal of a study of risk communication. At the beginning of the
module you should select a research study in consultation with the module tutor that you will use as the basis
for your appraisal. Thereafter you should produce an appraisal that:

1) Introduces and reviews the chosen study fairly and adequately, including its aims, methods and findings.

2) Situates the study and its findings in relation to the appropriate research literature and wider positions of
media theory and indicates the possible strengths and gains won by the study for an improved understanding of
the mass media and its role in communicating risk.

3) Indicates the possible weaknesses or silences of the reviewed study. This should ask, for example, is it
informed by deficient theory and concepts, or methodological failings? Does it advance unwarrantable
generalisations? Does its ‘findings’ sustain the analyst’s interpretations? How does the study of this particular
topic compare with findings from studies of other media and mediated issues?

4) Concludes with a view of the study’ s contribution to our understanding of the risk communication.

Words: 1500 (+/- 10%) exclude bibliography and references

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