Written Analysis of the Curriculum process

EDU 770 – Practicum in Systematic Curriculum Development

Written Analysis of the Curriculum Process

This assignment, which includes an analysis of the curriculum process in a school or organization, has a total value of 200 points of the course grade.

Using standard APA format, you will write a paper that presents an analysis of the curriculum process. As a practical application to this course in curriculum development, you will analyze the process that you became aware of through interviewing a curriculum leader and by developing an assessment of a curriculum objective.  Using what you learned from the text and presentations about what the process of curriculum development should look like, you will apply those standards to what you found in your study of a curriculum director and school.

The paper should:

•    compare ideal conditions of curriculum development with what you found in your interview and assessment
•    speculate as to what kept the conditions from being ideal / OR delineate how the conditions were, in fact, ideal
•    analyze how the process affected the development of curriculum and the delivery of instruction
•    make recommendation regarding improvement of the process or continuation of the status quo, depending on what you found.

It will be important to keep the school name and any personnel anonymous in order to do a fair analysis.  You may use pseudonyms, if you like (i.e., Apple City, USA), but we need to be careful to look at the issues and not the people involved.

The paper is due by midnight Sunday of Week 8.  It should be 8-10 pages in length, APA style (double-spaced, proper referencing, etc.), Standard English, with 3-5 references.

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