Writing reguirement

Writing reguirement

Econ 460 can be used to satisfy the Tier-2 writing requirement for graduation. In order to meet this
requirement. all students will be asked to develop a short original research paper in which they
develop and present an idea in writing. The fist draft is then critiqued and the student is given an
opportunity to improve the persuasiveness of their argument. The writing assignment for this
course is to evaluate whether an industry chosen by the student should be considered to be
“competitive.” The student will fmd data about an industry of their choice and use the tools of the
class to organize the data to come to a conclusion. The paper is limited to two pages. single-spaced.
The fmding of the research paper is to be written 11p in a fist draft. submitted no later than
November 20. Feedback will be returned to the student no later than the end of Thanksgiving
break. The fmal draft is due on the last day of the semester. There are forn‘ deadlines for
submitting different elements of the writing assignment. One point is subtracted from the fmal
essay grade for each day that any element of the writing assignment is submitted late.

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