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Literature review is from Textbook: The Humanistic Tradition by Gloria K. Fiero; seventh edition; (interior) Book 5. choose a piece of literature from chapters 27-31 and do the book review. Rubric Paragraph 1. Give the name of the piece of literature or movie you will review. (include the textbook page number and chapter). Give the name of its creator. Include background information on the creator, especially information that influences the creator. What year was this work created? What year does it depict? (sometimes this is the same as the creation year) Paragraph 2. Give a brief summary and explanation of the piece Paragraph 3 and 4. What insight does this piece tell you about the nature of human beings and their interactions? Relate this to what has been covered in the textbook and any companion resources posted. Cite each resource and page number(s) for text or time code(s) for video or audio files, if applicable. Give your opinion of the work and explain why it interested you. Provide detailed examples.

The Humanistic Tradition by Gloria K. Fiero; seventh edition;

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