Write part of a feasibility report that explores the possibility of developing a new soft-drink.

he Assignment

Write part of a feasibility report that explores the possibility of developing a new soft-drink. The information you provide will help your team leader and other company executives decide if the plan is feasible. This assignment is located in your textbook on page 697, Writing Scenario #6:

�You work for a large soft-drink company and are collaborating on a feasibility report exploring the possibility of the company�s developing a new energy drink that contains over 300 milligrams of caffeine in a single serving.

Your team leader asks that you write a 3 � 4 page technical background section that describes the effects of this amount of caffeine on the human body�kids, adults, the elderly.

Your group leader also asks that you develop a table that lists the caffeine content in at least five competing energy drinks in order to set up some basis of comparison. If possible, this table should list the energy drinks in the order of their market share�from highest to lowest.

Compose these parts of the report, keeping in mind that your audience is comprised of nonspecialists in the areas of medicine and health. Be sure to consider layout and design issues, conduct necessary research, and document your sources.�


Given the scope of researched information that you will need to report to your team leader, this document should be at about 8 pages. An outline should look something like this:

1 page for title, author, date, etc.
1 page for any introductory information, perhaps summarize what you�re reporting
3 � 4 pages of technical background that describes the effects of caffeine on the human body�kids, adults, and the elderly
1 page for a table documenting your competitors� caffeine content, etc.
1 page for source documentation
Use either MLA or APA citation style.

Tips for Success

When writing your technical background, your research will need to be clearly organized for quick and easy reading. You will have to determine which organizational approach works best.

Because you�ll be presenting this report to your team leader, you�ll want to produce an impressive, professional, well-designed document. Refer to chapters 8 & 9 on visual rhetoric, layout, and design as a reminder.

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