Write my Paper What is the scope and root cause analysis of medication errors in the PICU




Synthesize primary writings by key theorist related to the concepts, models, and theories used in the doctoral project.

Clarify any terms used in the doctoral project that may have multiple meanings (e.g socioeconomic status, educator, client etc).
Do not include terms with generally and universally accepted meanings in nursing practice.

Citing existing scholarship on the topic, provide a brief history ofthe broader problem in nursing practice in which this specific
doctoral project is embedded. Also, relying on existing scholarship and research, summarize the current state of nursing
practice in this area, and any recommendations to improve practice.

Identify any strategies and standard practice that have been used previously to address this gap-in- practice (i.e. how have
others approached this issue in the past?) Describe how the present doctoral project advances nursing practice or fills at least
one gap-in-practice reveal in the literature.

Provide concise summary ofthe local evidence on the relevance ofthe problem, which justifies the practice-focused
question(s)(i.e. why examine this topic in the first place?)

Describe the institutional context as applicable to the problem being addressed in this doctoral project.
Provide concise definitions of locally used terms or operational processes relevant to understanding the doctoral project.
Describe state or federal context applicable to the problem in this doctoral project.

(Role ofthe DNP Student) Describe your professional context and relationship to the doctoral project.

Describe your role in the doctoral project, including relationship to the topic, participants, evidence, or institution.

Describe any potential biases you may possess, and steps taken to address them.

(Role ofthe Project Team) Describe how the project team will be used. Describe the process(es) by which the doctoral project
team members will be presented with background information, evidence, and other forms of information. Describe
opportunities for team members to share their expertise and contextual insight relative to the doctoral project.( If members
are providing evidence that will be included, note that fact here).

Describe the timeline and responsibilities ofteam members to review and provide feedback on doctoral project results.
Summary: Provide a transition to connect the gap-in-practice to collection and analysis of evidence


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