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What is in your area?

Many people do not realize the natural areas that are within short distances of where they live- Some students and area residents, by their own admission,
are unaware of the Everglades being not too far west of their area- This project will direct you to locate a natural area in your vicinity and highlight the
opportunities that it holds-

First, locate a natural park or preserve you can visit as a day trip and at your convenience- Give the location, directions, location’s website (if available) and
all relevant visitor information-

Secondly, ifthe park or area provides guided tours, join one of these making detailed notes of information the guide provides and write this up as part of your
project- Otherwise, layout an example day at the park with a full itinerary including pre-lunch and post-lunch activities- In either case, provide park maps and
detailed directions for activities-

Thirdly, highlight a particular ecosystem, at least 4 animal species and at least 4 plant species that can be seen in the park/preserve-

A fourth requirement of the project is to detail ways to improve the park/preserve you visited-

At some point in your visit, take a “selfie” in front of a sign with the park’s name to prove you did visit the park for this project- Please be aware that
depending on the day and the season, some parks/preserves may require entrance fees- Enjoy your day at the park/preserve and feel free to upload
pictures associated with your project/activities-



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