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Research Skills and Dissertation/Project Proposal


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What is the best type of data to use when doing research in your field of study: qualitative or quantitative? Your answer must relate the discussion of qualitative/quantitative data to your specific field of study. It should not be just a general discussion of quantitative/qualitative data.
Your evaluation must be based on appropriate research methods literature. A minimum of six academic publications about research methods must have been used.
Word limit: 1200 words.
Marking Criteria:
• Essay structure: the essay should have a clear structure and signposting (i.e. telling the reader what the structure is and what each section of the essay will be about).
• Analysis: the essay should show an awareness of what using quantitative and qualitative data entail; and how that relates to the area of study being discussed.
• Knowledge and accuracy: the essay should show a good knowledge quantitative and qualitative data; and evidence of having read relevant literature (i.e. references).
• Written expression: The essay should be clearly written, easy to read and without language errors. The essay should show proper use of academic citation and


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