Write my Paper Research Methods in Sport and Exercise

Research Methods in Sport and Exercise

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Prеfеrred language stуle: English (U.K.) <br /><br />Your task is to рroduce a discussion and conclusion for the exрerimental project that has run this year. To ensure
that you are all working from a correct statistical output, please find the descriptives and statistical findings in the file ‘MSPMD2RMS – Protocol and Stats for
Drawing Conclusions 2016-2017’ included in this portfolio task folder on Blackboard. To assist the depth of your discussion, use the literature you used in portfolio
task one (and anything further you feel will help inform the discussion) to make comparison to previous understanding and to highlight any interesting results. <br
/><br />In addition to exploring the findings with reference to previous work, you should also include<br /><br />• what can be generalised from the findings;<br />•
what the limitations in the experimental design were;<br />• and, recommendations for future research. <br /><br />Formative Submission<br /><br />This assignment has
a formative submission due on the 16th of March 2017. From this submission all students who have submitted their work will receive general group feedback via their
university email addresses. The feedback will be provided approximately 10 working days later.<br /><br />Formatting<br />• Please keep the report double-line
spaced.<br />• Please include a front page, as in line with your Programme submission requirements<br />• Please name the file that is uploaded to Turnitin in line
with the SES file naming convention.<br /><br />Harvard Style Referencing


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