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st issued: April 2017
Module 3 Assessment descriptor
Ollscoil Na hEireann
The National University of Ireland
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Institute of Leadership
Professional Diploma In Clinical Leadership
Semester 1
Module 3 Leading Change and Quality Improvement in Health Services
Internal examiners
Ms Cathy Doyle
Mr Dermot O’Flynn
External examiner
Professor Martin Beirne
This assignment must be entirely your own work and should not have been submitted for
assessment for any other programme at this or any other University
Word limit: 3,000 (+/- 10%) Plus 10 slide Presentation
Time/date of submission: 7
th August 2017
Marks: 100%
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st issued: April 2017
Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module students will be able to:
1. Critically debate change management theories and the challenge they pose for clinical leaders.
2. Evaluate quality improvement methodologies/measures and demonstrate how they can impact
healthcare delivery and outcomes
3. Critically discuss the principles and implementation of a patient safety culture and outcomes. 4. Develop and present an evidence based business case for a change or quality improvement in their
clinical setting. Assignment:
This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment.
A. 75%
Write a business case for a quality improvement or patient safety change initiative in your department
The business case should include the following key areas: ? Title
? Aim and objectives
? Organisational context ? Stakeholders
? Strategic alignment ? Rationale for selecting the improvement ? Budget including staff costs. ? Organisational impact and expected outcome(s). ? How will the outcomes be measured?
? Potential threats to implementation. ? Gantt chart ? Supporting references and appendices
Word Count 2000 words with a supporting 10 slide presentation.
Draw on the learning outcomes above to guide you as appropriate
Discuss change management theory in relation to your organisation and what model of change you would
select to successfully implement your change if it was approved.
Word count 1000 words
Draw on the learning outcomes above to guide you as appropriate.
Submission guidance:
Please submit a SINGLE document in PDF format meeting the requirements for assignment submission via
your VLE course site, “Assignment Details > Click here to submit your assignment”.
Additional Guidance:
It is recommended that you please refer to the following resources to assist you in the design, development,
writing, formatting & submitting of your assignment (all available from the Institute’s VLE): ? Student Handbook
? Referencing Guide
? Downloadable assignment templates
? The “Information & Library Seeking Skills” online course
Please note: That on the VLE there are additional documents, insights and guidance to support you.

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