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Persuasive Presentation


PUT ON TITLE PAGE LORENZO WALSH ASSIGNMENT COMM/110 DATE 11-15-17 INSTRUCTOR DENISE MCLEAN Often, one must persuade an audience to act. This requires the presenter to
speak to the history of the topic for presentation, as well as how to best persuade his or her audience to take the action suggested. If you find it helpful, you may
wish to create an outline to help you prepare for your presentation. Select a topic from the following list: An issue in your community or on a national scale that
requires a resolution, such as a local policy or law you feel should be created or changed An event or action plan for your local community or workplace, such as
hosting an art fair, introducing a recycling program, or cleaning up a local park Another topic, as approved by your instructor Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft®
PowerPoint® presentation with accompanying video that does the following: Summarizes the topic and the effect of the issue on the community Proposes a solution to the
issue or a plan of action, including a balanced summary of potential audience responses in order to best persuade everyone to action Includes visual aids and outside
resources Uses effective language to persuade your audience Format your presentation consistent with appropriate course-level APA guidelines, citing any research you
use in your presentation.


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