Write my Paper Instrumentation for Research Statistics with Mock Study Data Analysis

Instrumentation for Research Statistics with Mock Study Data Analysis

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Dеscrіbe уоur instrument’s reliability and validity as reported in the literature, and its cultural appropriateness to your population. References required for this

Identify if you would have the need to modify the instrument for your study. If you would have to modify the instrument, describe what that modification might be and
the rationale for the modifications. If you have determined you do not have to modify the instrument, describe how you might modify it to better reflect your purpose.
If the instrument has not been validated for the population that is the same as your mock study, or if you would modify the instrument, describe how you would validate
the instrument statistically.

In a separate report for Week 4 paper submission provide the following:

In a separate report include an introduction and conclusion, which describes in detail how you will load and run your mock data in SPSS® for the analysis of your
Describe your process in a step-by-step format.
Ensure you include statements about the type of data you are loading and how it meets the underlying assumptions for the analysis.
Include the statistical power of the confidence level you have chosen, for example, .95; p < 05.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document.
Provide a conclusion that includes the justification for your choices for your study supported by references.
Format your paper so that it is consistent with APA guidelines.


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