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Electrical Services – Question 1 Describe the various Statutory Authorities and their respective roles in the
Electrical Services industry. Describe in detail how they interact with the
project design team and the construction team and applicable Codes and
Standards which would be referenced.
Electrical Services – Question 2 Describe the design process and principles in undertaking an Electrical
Services design for a new 20,000m
2 multi-story office building in the CBD.
Describe the required collaboration required within the project team to
deliver the development on time, within budget and of a high quality.
Electrical Services – Question 3 List 5 key components of an Electrical Services system within a
commercial development and describe their function.
Electrical Services – Question 4 Outline the operational requirements for emergency and exit lighting in
buildings in terms of design, certification, commissioning and ongoing
Electrical Services – Question 5 Outline the concept of a Structured Communications Cabling System
outlining the topology, spatial requirements and the advantages of this


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