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Read Chapter 6 of Ginsberg (2011)
Ginsberg, L. H. (2011). Social work in rural communities. Alexandria, VA: Council on Social Work Education. 5th edition ISBN: 978-0-87293-146-6
Part I:
In 250 words, discuss the following:
1. What is your understanding of dual relationships?
2. Discuss some of the challenges of dual relationships in rural communities.
3. Discuss the ‘practice principles’ suggested to address dual relationships.
Part II:
1. NASW Code of Ethics
2. Reamer, F.G. (2003). Boundary issues in social work: Managing dual relationships. Social Work, 48(1), 121-133.
After reading the above material, discuss the following in 250 words (Do not simply copy/paste as your response. Critically think about these issues and include your thoughts:
1. What does the NASW Code of Ethics say about dual relationships?
2. According to Reamer (2003), what are the central themes in dual relationships? What are the characteristics of unethical dual relationships?
3. Discuss the elements of minimizing harm when dealing with boundary issues. How are the elements discussed in Reamer (2003) different, or similar, than the principles discussed in Ginsberg (2011)?



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