Write my Paper Distribution Channel Article Review



Scenario: You work for a newly formed sports apparel company and you manager
has requested you help the company decide on the best distribution strategy to use
for its products- You have begun research on the strategies and methods available by
reviewing relevant articles on the topic- Based on you article review, you will decide
what strategy fies) is/are best and explain the reasoning behind you conclusion-
Select a scholar peer reviewed article that is less than five years old on the role of
distribution channels in maketing-

Compose a 1,050-word article review covering the following:

0 Define what a distribution channel is and discuss why it is important to the
marketing process-

0 Discuss the differences between direct and indirect distribution channels-

0 Introduce the article and its author(s) and give a brief summary of its core

0 Analyze the relationship distribution channels have to maintaining a satisfied taget

Compare and contrast similarities and differences in distribution strategies for online
versus brick and mortar businesses- Use examples from a company you admire or
you own work life examples to illustrate you points-

0 Recommend distribution strategyfies) for the company and what reasoning led you
to conclude this was the best solution-

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