Write my Paper Diabetes Mellitus and Gestational Diabetes amongst Aboriginal women



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Component A (400 words)

The case study is on Aboriginal woman who develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy due to a lack of services being available due to living in remote/rural areas of Australia. There is a lack of education and support services available compared to woman who live in more populated areas or closer to the city.

Component B: 1800 words

– The 2 key health outcomes are

1. The lack of support and education available to Aboriginal woman who develop gestational diabetes due to living in remote/rural parts of Australia (it needs to be discussed the differences in the care that is available to aboriginal woman living in remote areas compared to woman who live in the city and all the services available to tem) and:

2. The complications that arise from untreated gestational diabetes to both mother and child. The complications needs to be discussed and what harm can be done to both mother and child.

– A literature review needs to be conducted which discusses why there is a lack of support services available to Aboriginal Woman with gestational diabetes.

– Also it needs to be discussed what measures can be taken to improve support services and education amongst aboriginal woman with gestational diabetes living in remote areas. If any government policies have been introduced to fix the problem.


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