Write my Essay woman(women) of christine de pizans Book of the city of ladies

In one cohesive paper, I am asking you to touch on three separate areas of one of the women mentioned in the selection from Christine de Pizan’s Book of the City of Ladies in the Norton Anthology. You’ll need to research her legendary history, some of the critical reception of de Pizan’s text, and a current event from the modern day setting of this legendary woman. 

Step one: Choose one of the women below. Research the legendary history of this woman—does she have a historical background or mythic past? Find at least two scholarly sources which explain this background. What do sources suggest about her background. Note that this part of the paper offers material that will help you flesh out the critical reception of the Book of the City of Ladies.

Step two: Find one to two peer-reviewed sources that focus on de Pizan’s text. Locate the argument and explain it—how does your choice of woman and her legendary history fit with this argument? Your source or sources may not mention your figure directly or at all—after all, we’re reading just a short except, and de Pizan’s text cites over 50 famous women.

Step three: Finally, find two to three reputable news articles about a current event in the modern day location of the legendary woman’s homeland. You’ll again use the material you found for step one to guide your research. Is there any connection between that woman and the current event you researched?

Possible choices include:

–Minerva (Athena)


Thesis: 20 percent
Research and sources: 30 percent
Evidence and crafting of argument: 30 percent
Formatting and citation: 10 percent
Grammar/Mechanics/Style: 10 percent

MLA/Chicago Formatting Only
12 point font, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Garamond only. NO COMIC SANS or COURIER. 
Works Cited Page is required
4-6 pages (1200-1600 words)
Deadline: 10/12 by 11:59 p.m. (Electronic Submission via TurnItIn



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