Write my Essay the effect the earthquakes on humans

Research an earthquake event that has happened in the past. Consider using a news article on an earthquake as a source of information. It can be a recent event or one of historic significance. Try not research the same earthquake as one of your peers. Create a new thread. The subject should be the location of the earthquake. The post should also: Report where it occurred and what triggered the earthquake. Report the magnitude of the earthquake. Report on the damage the earthquake caused. Report on the effect the earthquake had on humans. Optional: Embed a photo of the earthquake damage. Create a “Works Cited” at the bottom of your post using MLA or APA formatting. All sources you consulted in your research should be included and in-text citations should be used in your writing. Think of your post as a mini-research paper. Text from the Internet should not be copied and pasted to the discussion board. Posts will be checked for plagiarism. See the research standards listed above for more information. Reply to at least two of your peers by the due date. Also, when writing your replies please remember to acknowledge the initial poster, build upon the initial post, and attempt to continue the conversation with interesting facts or questions.

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