Write my Essay Terrie Moffitt’s Life-Course Persistent Theory

All sources must be cited within your text with the APA citation style and all sources listed at the end of your essay in a formal reference list also in APA citation style. Your work will be run through anti-plagiarism software, so please make sure you are paraphrasing your information into your own words. It is not acceptable for you to copy your answers from source. Your essay needs to be in your own writing. You will need to do outside research to complete this assignment. You are not allowed to use your textbook for this assignment. You must conduct your own outside research. Must have 8 to 10 sources for this assignment. Please upload your essay in either a PDF or Word document. Minimum of 10 pages. Discuss in detail Robert K. Merton’s Strain Theory. Include in your discussion the critiques of this theory. Next, discuss in detail Terrie Moffitt’s Life-Course Persistent Theory along with the critiques of this theory. After giving a thorough description of both theories, compare and contrast the two theories. What do these theories have in common? How are they different? Which theory do you believe to be more valid? Explain your opinion.

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