Write my Essay Smoke and Mirror Critical Evaluation

Smoke and Mirror Critical Evaluation

APA format. Criminal Profiling is a controversial subject. Many law enforcement professionals are sceptical about its value and it is important that students make themselves aware of the different arguments for, and against, its use so that they can form their own view based on all available information. During the semester I will be discussing the use of criminal profiling from an investigator’s perspective and we will also hear from the principle criminal profiler working currently in the UK. We will both be supporting the use of profilers but it is important to understand that some academics believe that there is no value in using them. The attached papers by Snook (2008 and 2009) appear to reflect this view. (Note that the second paper is a response to a someone called Dern who clearly argues against Snook’s original position. The Dern paper is not  supplied.) Your task this week is to read and critically evaluate these papers and then write a short essay. Make sure you read the syllabus for an explanation of the term ‘critically evaluate’. Based upon what you have read for the course so far, as well as your own research, you are to write an essay offering your own considered view of the position taken by Snook, and offer your own critical discussion on the pros and cons of the Criminal Investigative Analysis method of criminal profiling adopted by the early FBI Profilers. The essay should be between 600 – 800 words long, it should be written in a clear academic style with appropriate referencing.

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