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In other science courses, you may have studied research designs and experimental research. This is also described in the first chapter of your text. Experimental Research is preferred over correlational research in that a researcher can study causality. In this assignment, you will act as a researcher and design an experiment. You are a research specialist working for USA Pharmaceuticals. You have received a directive from the president of the company to provide him with proof that your company’s number one selling infant vaccine does not result in Autism. Use your expertise in research design to provide him with how you will design the study to show if (or if not) the vaccine causes Autism in children. Remember, he knows nothing about scientific research and does not care about other research on this topic! You should use your creativity to display the principles of experimental research that you have learned from this chapter. This is not an argument over vaccines and autism. Rather, it is a chance for you to design your own study to prove or disprove theories on vaccines and Autism. Your response should include but not be limited to: Independent/Dependent Variables, Experimental/Control Groups, time span of research (why did you choose the approach you did?), research ethics considered, bias and other confounds.

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