Write my Essay on Procurement Plan

Given the organization that you have selected, you will be creating a procurement plan for a commercial (private) or government (public) organization of your choice. (a real organization)

Title Page

Table of contents

Section 1: Organization Overview

The Organizational Overview should provide a description of the type of organization you have chosen.
Identify whether it is a government or commercial organization.
Describe the primary industry or level of government.
Section 2: Materials Purchased

In the Materials Purchased section, describe the materials or services that will be procured for the organization based on the industry or government type.
Does the organization supply materials used for products, software systems, service items, goods for resale, or other types of material?
Section 3: Bid and Proposal Documents

This section should detail the request types you will use, and it should specify the criteria (specifications and features that you want) for materials or services purchased.
How will these requests be used to get information from potential suppliers?
Describe the criteria required for the materials or services purchased.
How will the criteria for the materials or services purchased be incorporated into the request types?
Section 4: Contract Types

This section will detail the contract types (firm-fixed-price [FFP] contracts, cost-plus-fixed-fee [CPFF] contracts, cost-no-fee [CNF] contracts, and cost-plus-incentive-fee [CPIF], or others) that you will use within your organization.
Why are these contract types most relevant for your organization?
What specific cost management tools and techniques will be used by your organization?
Section 5: Third-Party Logistics and Supplier Relationship Management

Define 3PLs
Describe the use of third parties for logistical purposes.
Describe how the relationship with the suppliers will be managed.
Section 6: Contract Closeout

The Contract Closeout section will briefly describe the contract closing process with suppliers.
How you will finalize payments to suppliers?
Section 7: Maintaining Supplier Performance

The Maintaining Supplier Performance section will have descriptions of the partnerships or alliances that your organization has with the suppliers.
What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) used?
Describe the methods that will be used to measure supplier performance.
Explain why you have chosen these measurements.
Section 8: Memo to Organizational Procurement Oficer

Use the template (below) to compose a memo to the organizational procurement officer.
State why this plan should be used by the organization.
Explain how your plan aligns with the organizational strategy.
Reference Page

An outline of work is also needed

Memo to Procurement Officer

To:Procurement Officer

From: Student Name

Date: Month, Day Year

Subject: Procurement Plan

Justify using this procurement plan in a memo to the procurement officer at your chosenorganization. As part of the justification, describe how the plan aligns with the organizational strategy or mission. This will be completed in Unit 5.


Johnson, P. F., & Flynn, A. E. (2014). Purchasing and supply management (15th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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