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Money–it’s what drives our capitalistic society. How do people invest their money? What risks are involved in those investments? How much money can you or I really make during our lifetime? Is it worth the risk?

By following the steps in this Stock Market WebQuest, you will learn about one way people make (or lose) money–the Stock Market. You will use the World Wide Web to visit the New York Stock Exchange and work through their introduction to investing. After learning the facts about investing, you will complete some exercises designed to get you thinking about investing.


After following the steps of the WebQuest, you will be able to

After following the steps of the WebQuest, you will be able to

Pick five stocks that you would invest in. Explain why you feel that those particular stocks would be good investments. Also explain whether they would be good for long term investments or short term investments. (you can use morningstar.com)
Now, create a stock portfolio for a family member. Find out what their investment goals would be and how aggressive they want to be with their investments. Their portfolio should include an overall plan and types of stocks and mutual funds they would want to invest in.

There are two sources which you will have to use as a part of this WebQuest. They are as follows:

This is the New York Stock Exchange site needed for the first two sections of the process
There are hundreds of resources on the World Wide Web and in print from various stock market and investing sources.
Here are just a few which might be helpful to you as you move through this WebQuest:
This site is affiliated with NBC and gives up-to-date business news including ticker information, exchanges, commodity symbols, market indicators and a terrific glossary of terms
This site is affiliated with CNN, Central News Network, and gives up-to-date business and financial information including markets, personal finance, industrywatch, and stock quotes
Any search engine site such as Yahoo.com, Excite.com, Lycos.com, etc. will have current stock quotes available

After completing all the readings, activities, and games as part of this Stock Market WebQuest, you have hopefully learned the benefits (and risks) of investing. Continue following business activity and consider investing “extra” cash whenever possible into investments–stock market or otherwise. Consider . . .

Talking with your parents and relatives about investments they have made
Sending for free financial information
Speaking to your employers at work about their investments
Joining (or starting) an investment club
Purchasing books or visiting the library to find out other sources of information on investing

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