Write my Essay on Cultural Event Analysis

2 page minimum

“Cultural event”–a music concert, play, the opening of an art show, etc.

Find a video or website watch a events live or video and explain of what you learn about the event not video but event.

This assignment asks you to use some of what you have learned about the role of food within culture from your visit or watch about Somali or African as well as the assigned readings in class in order to analyze one of the following food related events:

Write answers to all of the following questions in clear prose. The end result should not be one whole essay, but three distinct answers clearly labeled: 1. Briefly describe the event you attended, making sure to list the date/time/title. Explain what went on and who did what including a reference to the scope of your own participation. (10 pts) 2. Analyze how the event in which you participated presented food as an integral part of a specific non-American cultural tradition. (20 pts) Things to consider: Was the dish served/demonstrated typical of a region of a given country or popular throughout? Is it

part of homemade traditions or is it usually part of more refined dining, such as restaurant fare? Is it consumed or prepared at a particular time of year only or enjoyed year round? These are not the only valid comments you can make, but the questions will guide you towards analysis. 3. Explain how the event and its staging at the ACC, at Union Street, or at the Monroe County Public Library discussed the local dimensions of this cultural event which had to do with food. (20 pts) In other words, can the featured meal(s) be replicated in Bloomington easily? Or, would the audience have to secure ingredients for this dish by shopping at a specialty store? Is the presenter a member of the Bloomington community or someone visiting from somewhere else? Is an event like this something which the Asian Culture Center, Monroe County Public Library, or Union Street hosts regularly? Or, is this a one of a kind?—go ahead and ask.

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