Write my Essay on complete chart /answer questions / summary

Part 1

WFS-2000-145476 – Kinesiology

Assess Your Posture

A Postural Analysis assessment can expose muscular imbalances that could lead to various problems and/or injuries later in life if not addressed and corrected. One of the many problems that could present itself is limited motion/movement patterns, which undoubtedly affects your biomechanics.

Part 1:

Use the following form (Posture Scoring Chart.doc) to assess your posture. You can type directly into the document. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ATTACH THIS COMPLETED DOCUMENT ALONG WITH YOUR SUBMITTED ASSIGNMENT.

Part 2:

Use the following document (Postural Deviations Responsed _NO EXERCISES_.pdf ) to determine which of your muscles are tight (and need to be stretched) and which of your muscles are weak (and need to be strengthened).

Part 3:

Now that you are aware of which muscles need stretching and which need strengthened, you are required to find, type and submit a list of stretches and exercises (you can use pictures also if that is easier) that you should do to help with correcting the muscular imbalances/postural deviations that you discovered. The second attachment above has an example of stretches and exercises to do for “Head Deviations” to give you a general idea and an example of what you should be submitting for this assignment. If you are not familiar with the muscles listed, google them, then google stretches or exercises for that particular muscle. REMEMBER, YOU ARE ONLY REQUIRED TO SUBMIT STRETCHES AND EXERCISES FOR THE AREAS THAT ARE NOT IN A NORMAL, WELL-BALANCED POSITION (THE AREAS THAT YOU SCORE YOURSELF A “5” OR “0”).


1 – Your completed posture scoring chart

2 – A list that includes your specific postural deviations along with a specific stretch and exercise that will help with correcting that deviation

Part 2

A paragraph should be written for each of the three steps in determining an ethical situation with emphasis on the final step/paragraph. Be sure to use APA guidelines for citing references

1. recognize an ethical situation and the ethical issues involved 2 identify and analyze the principal elements in the situation 3 identify the alternatives and weigh the impact of each alternative on various stakeholders

ACC-2010-144483 – Prin of Accounting I

Tom Brown, the controller for MicroTech Software Company, is responsible for preparing the company’s financial statements. He learns that sales for the first quarter of the year have dropped so dramatically that the company is in danger of bankruptcy. As a result, he applies for an accounting position with another software company that competes with MicroTech. During his job interview, Tom is asked why he wants to leave MicroTech. He replies truthfully, “The company’s sales are down another 10% this quarter. I fear they will go out of business.” At that time, MicroTech had not released its sales results to the public

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