Write my Essay Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies

Essays:  Write a minimum of three paragraphs in your essay answering the topic given. The essays will be completed and submitted by the time specified on the course calendar. Please note, these examinations are essays in answer to a specific question that seeks your understanding of the course content. These essays are not to be construed as being research papers and all questions are to be addressed as asked. The grading of essays follows established standards of critical thinking and philosophical argumentation. Plagiarism will result in zero for the assignment.. Paper: These assignments should contain normal margins, New Times Roman, 12 point font, double spaced. Points taken off if do not follow previous sentence. The papers are to be at least the minimum of 3 FULL pages worth of work. (Not including citation page) Minimum 2 Sources (text, internet, books, notes,etc.)All sources require full citations. All references to texts and other copyrighted sources are to follow MLA style guides, including a “Work’s Cited” page.  If you cite any source it must be in quotations and referenced on your resource page. If not, you will receive an 0 for the assognment!!! Please do not make this mistake. Quick Outline of Paper requirements: • 3-5 Pages. This means the minimum of 3 full pages worth of work, not including citation page. Minimum 2 Sources (text, internet, books, etc. Plagiarism will result in a zero for this assignment. (As if I haven’t said this enough.) e before due date. • Cite all sources TOPIC!: Essay #1: Write of a time that someone tried to persuade you by using one of the 17 logical fallacies described in your first power point? Which of the logical fallacies were they using trying to persuade you? What was the topic? Did it work? (Minimum 3 paragraphs)

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