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Service Learning Reflection Writing Assignment

Provide a 2 page summary of your service learning field experience with the Houston Food Bank (houstonfoodbank.org).

Be sure to include, but not limited to, the following elements:

Define the following terms and explain how they are similar and how are they different?  Service learning, Volunteerism and Community service
What project were you assigned at the HFB and what were your duties
As you reflect on the service teams with HFB, define the following terms and provide examples of how you were involved in each of these during the service learning experience
In closing, your final paragraph should reflect and describe how this experience has influenced your world view (e.g. enhanced sense of personal values and civic responsibility) and any other reflective thoughts.
Type your answers using MS Word with the following formatting:  length is 2 pages typed, double spaced, 11-point Times New Roman font, MS Word default margins; Your written report in will be graded carefully for the WRITING COMPETENCY requirements outlined previously in class and syllabus as well as quality of content, grammar, format, style, clarity, proofreading and editing.

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