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Summarize this section in paragraph form, add diagrams if helpful.  Answer the following questions in this section:
What is the purpose or aim of your investigation?
What is your hypothesis (what did you think was going to happen and WHY?)
What safety procedures must be followed during the lab and why?

Material and Methods
Summarize this section in paragraph form, use tables to support if helpful.  This section should be detailed enough that someone else can use it as instructions.  Answer the following questions:
What materials did you use?
How did you do your experiment?

Summarize this section in paragraph form or as tables and graphs.  This section is a detailed account of observations and what happened and should have no evaluations, opinions, or explanations of what happened!
What did you observe during the lab?  Include what you saw, smelt, etc.

This section should primarily be in paragraph form with some tables if relevant.  Answer the following questions in this section:
What did your results show?
Are your results what you expected?  How did your results and compare results with the hypothesis?
What is your overall conclusion?
What possible mistakes and sources of error may have affected the results?
How could you improve the study or what would you change if you were to repeat the experiment?  What else would you want to test or investigate?


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