Write my Essay Compare and contrast of three literary speeches- “Advice to Youth”, “Mouseland” and “I have a dream”

Instruction provided by the instructor:
Use three course texts to formulate an argument (thesis). Remember to identify similarities and differences among the works, and explain the significance. Please support your thesis with quotations and analysis. Use course concepts, and define pertinent terms. Please use MLA formatting and in-text citations. (A Works Cited is not required, nor do you need to give your name, the course information, etc., at the beginning of your essay.) The essay should be at least five substantial paragraphs long. Please demonstrate your breadth of knowledge:
4. Compare and contrast the speeches by Twain, Douglas, and King. What is each writer trying to argue or express? What specific techniques are used to achieve the purpose and appeal to the respective audiences?
Some points that need to be addressed in the essay are written below. Please read these points and address them in the comparison. The required format is as follow:
Paragraph 1-A substantial and effective introduction. The intro should include:
2-    It should establish a basis for comparison (the important similarities and the significant differences among the three work)
3-    Introduces the primary text
4-    Define the key terms of the comparison clearly
Paragraph 2,3,4-  body paragraphs, each addressing one of the speeches or terms/points of thesis depending on how the thesis is been formulated.
Provide 2-3 sentences of summary prior to performing the analysis. Avoid long summaries of the text please
Paragraph 5- an effective and Informative conclusion:
–    Explain the significance of the points made

NOTE- In-Text citation is required. Please avoid using very long passages as quotations (if required add the beginning and end of the passage/quotation and just reference the line number or paragraph, the Prof has access to the full text) since the essay is supposed to be short in general.
Here are some information about the texts specifying some requirements from each text and some points to include in the essay.


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