Write my Essay Community policing vs Traditional policing

Community policing vs Traditional policing

You are a newly appointed police chief and just took over a medium-sized department (150 sworn officers) located in an urban area. You are committed to the community policing paradigm, and past efforts in the department have been marginal around implementing this new methodology. Your city council, the city mayor, and the city manager are all unfamiliar with community policing and are not sure how to support you in implementing this in the department. The current climate and relationship with your community is neither good nor bad, and there are a handful of neighborhoods that have mentioned to you that they do not consistently see nor have the opportunity to meet any of the police officers assigned to that area. In the Forum, discuss the following questions: §    Examine your own community and identify three stakeholders from the following groups: §    Other Government Agencies §    Community Members or Groups §    Nonprofits or Service Providers §    Private Businesses §    Media Describe what role these stakeholders can play in a crime prevention or crime prediction strategy and how you can involve them in your plan to reduce crime or problems in your community. §    What is your organization’s plan to go beyond traditional police responses to crime to proactively address a multitude of problems that adversely affect the quality of life? §    How will your organization transform the organizational environment, organizational structure, personnel, practices, and policies to support the community policing philosophy and community policing activities? §    How will your organization increase technological capacity to better prevent and respond to crime and disorder incidents? After the class discussion, prepare a plan or white paper that outlines your strategy for the first 12 months. Be specific, and be sure to list realistic challenges and limitations that you may face and how you will deal with them to implement community policing in your department and jurisdiction.

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