Working with Human Service Organizations

Working with Human Service Organizations

First and foremost, this topic revolves around the AUSTRALIAN society. So focus, examples and pointers should be within and related to the AUSTRALIAN context.

This is also a paper for a Social Work degree course and is under a subject called ‘Working with Human Service Organizations’. Hence, the context and relevant literature should be related to Social Work AND working with Human Service Organizations in AUSTRALIA. I will be uploading a couple of attachments consisting of lecture notes that you should base the evaluation plan (assignment) on. It is very IMPORTANT that you read the lecture notes AND have at least background knowledge of this topic or you would not understand the requirements and may write out of context.

Assessment #2 – Evaluation Plan

In this assignment, you need to demonstrate your learning of evaluation theory from Weeks 9 to 12 (Lecture Notes) by designing an evaluation plan.

CASE SCENARIO: You need to develop an evaluation plan for an outcome evaluation of a training project aimed at enhancing the cultural competence of workers. The leadership has allocated funds for the training meant to enable frontline staff (that is, staff who interact directly with clients) to provide culturally competent service. Let us assume that the training will be for 100 staff across different sites. You can also assume that you are developing this evaluation plan while the training project is still being conceptualised (that is, the training has yet to be implemented possibly by an external trainer).

Please note that you are doing an OUTCOME EVALUATION. The evaluation plan should adopt the following structure (use the headings):

Evaluation Purpose, Project Logic and Indicators

– Explain the type, purpose and scope of the evaluation
– Outline the logic of the training project in terms of activities and outcomes
– Specify the key indicators to be used in the evaluation


– Specify the method(s) you will use, with a justification in the choice of method(s)
– Specify the key information you will gain for each method you choose to use and present at least one non-standardised instrument (that is, something you made yourself).
– Specify the timetable for implementation, identifying the method to be used in a given point in time (e.g. If the training is in the first week of December, when will data collection be done?)

Sampling and Recruitment

– Briefly discuss your sampling method and plan for the recruitment of participants.
– Issues in the Evaluation


– Identify two to three key ethical issues that need to be considered in the conduct of the evaluation and how these issues will be managed/resolved in the evaluation process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to address the task (for example, the submission of an essay on evaluation or an evaluation report instead of an evaluation plan) can result in a failing mark for this assessment piece.

POINTERS/TIPS: It would probably be helpful to research on ‘Measuring cultural competence in healthcare’, ‘Cultural competence in Social Work’, looking at ‘principles of measuring’ (eg: as well as a listing of ‘cultural competence assessment tools’.
**Please use TEXTBOOK: ‘Ozanne, E & Rose, D 2013, The organisational context of human services practice., 1st edn, Palgrave Macmillan, South Yarra, Victoria.’ as MAIN REFERENCE SOURCE.**

NOTE: Please use academic references in this paper for this paper. At least 10-12 references in total are required. Use HARVARD REFERENCING style.

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