Analyse the given case( Woolworths) using theories and analytical tools relevant to the case. Please follow the marking rubric for a better grade.
Please answer the following questions for your case study analysis:
1.    What are the key issues that your organisation faces?
2.    What recommendation do you suggest for organisation to address the key issues?

You are expected to analyse and review relevant theories and concepts. It is important to analyse the external and internal environment of the organisation and the strategic management concepts applicable to the particular organisation.  You need to demonstrate their critical analysis in putting all the information together and analyzing the issue using theories and concepts.

The only way you could answer the questions is for you to go through the external and internal environments of the organisation and the different strategies of the company.

Whilst the case is not exhaustingly extensive ( Just like in a real-world situation where information is obscure at times).expected to find out about the organisation and its environments from reading a variety of sources.

Maximum 3500 words excluding executive summary, appendices and table of content.

I’ll attach the Woolworths case in a separate file which is about 7 pages to read.

APA 6th Ed ref for in-text and end-text.
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