Why is the global integration of human resource management so challenging? What are the alternatives? Essay Dissertation Help

Why is the global integration of human resource management so challenging? What are the alternatives?

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In many ways this is a ‘standard’ essay assignment, with the usual expectations in terms of clarity and balance of argument, detail in analysis, use of literature and accurate spelling, punctuation
and grammar. This does not mean, however, that you are restricted to writing in a traditional academic style – i.e., long paragraphs, no sub sections, limited use of tables or figures. It is
perfectly acceptable to use a range of written communication techniques to convey your argument and illustrate the points you make. This is particularly relevant for this module in light of the
often very applied and case study orientated literature on international human resource management. You may, therefore, want to think about using:
? Tables to summarise arguments or compare between case studies/countries
? Diagrams to illustrate the key components of an idea
? Descriptive case studies placed in boxes that are then analysed more carefully and
theoretically in the main body of the text
There is no requirement to use any of the approaches outlined above – a traditional academic essay would be fine. But some people may find adopting alternative approaches helpful.

Here is the guideline of the essay:

This essay asks you to grapple with one of the most common challenges in international human resource management – how to have global policies, whilst maintaining sensitivity to local cultures,
norms, rules and working environments. It requires you to explore theoretical and empirical arguments for and against global integration. Some literature that may help you to begin to consider the
issues at the heart of this essay includes:
Brewster, C., Wood, G., & Brookes, M. (2007). Similarity, isomorphism or duality? Recent survey evidence on the human resource management policies of multinational corporations. British Journal of
Management, 19(4), 320-342.
Coe, N and Yong-Sook, L. (2006) The strategic localization of transnational retailers: the case of Samsung-Tesco in South Korea. Economic Geography 82 (1), pp 61-88.
Dickmann, M., Michael, M.-C., & Kelliher, C. (2009). Exploring standardisation and knowledge networking processes in transnational human resource management. Personnel Review, 38(1), 5-25.
Faulconbridge, J. R. (2008). Managing the transnational law firm: a relational analysis of professional systems, embedded actors and time-space sensitive governance. Economic Geography, 84(2), 185
Pudelko, M. (2006). A comparison of HRM systems in the USA, Japan and Germany in their socio-
economic context. Human Resource Management Journal, 18(2), 123-153.
Pudelko, M., & Harzing, A.-W. (2008) “The Golden Triangle for MNCs: Standardization towards Headquarters Practices, Standardization towards Global Best Practices and Localization”, Organizational
Dynamics, 37, 4, 394-404.
Some key questions to consider in relation to this essay include:
? What makes global integration challenging? Consider multiple causes and effects.
? Why is the challenge of global integration of concern to transnational corporations, and how does it relate to the rise of strategic international human resource management?
? How do institutional approaches explain the challenge?
? How can the challenges be overcome? What are the pros and cons of different resolutions?< I need real life examples on this one
? Why do compromises between integration and responsiveness produce complex IHRM strategies and practices?

I will also upload you the lecture slide, please remember to include the theories from the lecture slides. Also, please send me the essay outline before start writing so that I can see is there
anything that we need to change. I will also confirm the ‘what are the alternative’ part.

Please aware that what i need is an in-depth understanding on the international human resources management, that you have to show a real understanding what is global integration of human resources
management by outlining the definition from a reputable source with your own word. Also, for the challenges of global integration of human resources management part, i need examples to support your
point of view. I do not need essays with a lot of generals point, what I want is an essay with an in-depth understanding of the topic area. Moreover, please use professional HRM wording in this
essay. Also, please aware of the differences between different types of company such as transnational and multinational.
*moreover, please remember not to use sources that is published more than 10 yrs ago

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