Why Australia Should set a price on carbon emissions

Should Australia set a price on carbon emissions?
The topic involves two parts: – 2000 words Political communication Produce a political communication utilizing written text OTHER THAN AN ESSAY THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY Examples of the type of work you might choose:

• a political manifesto

• a submission to a parliamentary inquiry on a relevant political issue

• a report or brief on a political issue

• a script for a political advertising campaign

• a journalistic analysis of a contemporary political issue

• a literary or fictional piece (eg a political satire or a cartoon)

• an essay for a political/cultural journal (non-academic)

• a political memoir The political issue  “Should Australia set a price on carbon emissions?”

– 200 words Short Statement on project INCLUDE:

• An outline of why they chose the topic and the medium they did

• How they gathered information for the project

• What specific skills and methods they used for the project

• How successful they think the project was

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