Which of the following programs is more sustainable?

Which of the following programs is more sustainable?

  1. A funder gives money to groups that will buy food and distribute it to low-income families.
  2. A funder gives money to groups that will create community gardens with resident participants in low-income neighborhoods who will continue the program in years to come.

Given the realities of international financial volatility, funding for public health programs may be abruptly discontinued, leaving programs unfinished and participants underserved. Public health professionals need to anticipate how a program will be sustained when the funding or program term ends. Not only is this better for the program itself, but it provides more lasting benefits for society.


For this Discussion, review the media titled Empowering Women. Consider how the program executives raise funds to sustain their program despite a small operating budget. Also, consider some of the serious ramifications for social change in Belize if the program was not sustainable.


Read the following scenario:

You receive funding for your program (SPP). After 3 years, the funding ends. Consider how you can sustain your program past the initial funding of your program (SPP), and determine the long-term impact it might have on the community.


Main post

Post by Day 4

Word Limit: 230-600 words (you must stay within the word limit)

References: 2 and more

Divide your text these sections – use these headings:

1. Explanation of the importance of sustainability to your chosen public health program (SPP)

2. Explanation of at least 2 strategies you might incorporate into your program to ensure sustainability in post-funding years

3. Explanation of how your public health program, if implemented, could promote long-term social change

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