When my action hurt other people, why I still do it?

There are 3 papers.


The first one has two questions. 1. When will be in ten years? 2. Why will I be? Each question 4 pages.


For this paper, it will talk about my future.  I’m female and from Shenzhen, China, and I’m 22 years old. I’m from a single family, and live with my mom. When I was 17, my family immigrated to the U.S. But there are only me stay at the U.S, each 6 months, my family will come to visit me. I have a sister who is younger 14 years than me. But she is in China right now, but she will transfer to the U.S when she graduates from elementary school. So, after 10 years I will stay in the U.S. My major is accounting, and this major was chosen by my mom. But I like cooking, so after 10 years I will open a restaurant or a teahouse. And after 10 years I will marry a man who likes my dad. Because I live with my mom when I was child so I hope stay with my dad when I get married. And my dad is a musician so I hope my husband knows music. I may have two children, 1 boy and 1 girl. I think I will live in Houston, because this is the first city I have been in the U.S, and I live in Los Angels right now. I will buy some houses around in the U.S, and it will develop to real estate. It will make more money, and I will save the money for my children and parents.


The second paper is: when I need help, why I don’t ask for? 2 pages


Because English is not my first language so I’m shy to ask. I’m worry about if I transmit wrong message, so I don’t like asking other people. And my personality is independent,I usually solving problems by myself, but I know this is not good, so I usually make mistake.


The third paper is: When my action hurt other people, why I still do it? 2 pages


This situation is from my class. The policy our professor decision that when he see somebody play electric device in the class then we will have quiz. We finish 3 quizzes in this class.

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