What Makes a Corporation Toxic

From Your Exploring Business text on ETHICS Chapter 2:

It’s very popular today for company spokespersons to brag about the great things their companies are doing to help the environment. Condé Nast, a worldwide magazine publishing company, questioned whether many of these vocal companies have earned bragging rights or whether they’re merely engaging in self-serving marketing stunts. After extensive research, Condé Nast created two lists: the “Green 11 roster of good guys” and the “Toxic 10” list of offenders that could be doing more to help the environment. Review Condé Nast’s findings in its article “The Toxic Ten” (at http://www.portfolio.com/news-markets/national-news/portfolio/2008/02/19/10-Worst-Corporate-Polluters). Select one of the companies spotlighted. Go to that company’s Web site and read about its environmental efforts. Then answer the following questions:

• Based on the information provided in the Condé Nast article and on your selected company’s Web site, how would you rate the company’s environmental initiatives?

• Do the statements on the company’s Web site mesh with the criticism voiced by Condé Nast?

• In your opinion, does the company deserve to be on Condé Nast’s “Toxic 10” list? Why, or why not?

• Why does the company promote its environmental efforts? Is this promotion effective?


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