What kind of love that YOU THINK should exist between two people who want to make their romantic relationship endure.

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In this Quote 1 Forum, you are required to create (1) two short quotations and (2) three block (long) quotations (5 quotations total) to help you to support a thesis about our essay topic: what kind of love that YOU THINK should exist between two people who want to make their romantic relationship endure. To learn how to create short and block (long) quotations, click on this sentence to access the excellent Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL), which will show you how to format short and block (long) quotations. If you cannot access this link, then Google Purdue's MLA OWL by writing “Purdue MLA OWL short long/block quotation” in the Google search window.


You may not choose any quotations you wish. The quotations MUST come from the class texts (written works) listed in our Syllabus, and they must be from: (1) Either Junot Diaz's or Nathan Englander's short story, (2) a poem of your choice in the Syllabus, and (3) a song of your choice in the Syllabus.

To quote effectively to support your thesis about love

1. Develop a thesis (opinion) about what kind of love two people need to make their romantic relationship endure. What do you want to prove to readers about the nature of this love? Write a few paragraphs describing this love, using as an example a romantic relationship that you know of that is good and has endured (i.e., both people are happy, and have been together for an extended period of time).

2. Read Diaz's and Englander's stories carefully–and study some of the songs and poems in the Syllabus. Make sure that one or more of these sources support your thesis about love–and make sure that one or more of them does NOT. Use the sources to support your thesis about love–by arguing for the thesis and rebutting the antithesis (the opposite opinion to your thesis). You need to argue that your thesis is true–and anticipate and rebut any opposite opinion to your thesis.

3. Put these quotes in correct MLA format. (You need to click on the link above and read the example below to learn how to quote in correct MLA format.)

4. Integrate your quotes into the few paragraphs that you wrote about love, making sure that you explain what the quoted passages mean and how they support your thesis about love. (Before quoting a work, you may need to summarize it first for your readerexplain what its about, so your reader can understand what you quote, and how it supports your thesis about love.)

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