What is your dream?

Write an executive summary that will summarize what was discussed in Unit 4. It should also include the following information:

·A unique mission statement

·Vision statement

·How will your business (product and services) benefit society?

·Financial information

oWhat assets are involved?

oWhat debts?

oDebt versus equity

oDebt ratio

oFinancial cash flow

oA synopsis of anticipated operational expenses (be sure to include items like staffing)

oA synopsis of anticipated revenue (Who is going to pay you? Are their regulations or oversight attached to the revenue stream?)

·Summary of your future plans

Here is what unit 4 was about

What is your dream? Would you like to open a new business in the health care industry? Or are you adding a new service line to an existing health care institution?

Use any or all concepts over the course of this class to assist with developing the financial analysis of your new service line.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

·Description of the new health care service line

·Definitions of the four areas of the SWOT analysis

oProvide examples of the type of information in each section of the SWOT analysis.

·A comprehensive SWOT analysis on the internal and external environment for the service line or new business you plan to open


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